Transparency * Fiscal Discipline * Fairness * Liberty

Marianne Stebbins, a twelve-year resident of Excelsior, is running for City Council.

“The city government is our servant, not our master.”


The City should put out a transparent, readable budget so we know what we’re paying for. I support the Charter Amendment that will be on the November 6 ballot to cause the City to mail a readable budget summary to each household.

That budget consists of money that does NOT belong to the City or the City Council.  That is YOUR money, not to be spent frivolously, without account, on multi-thousand dollar, perpetual studies or other unnecessary waste.

Instead of using city government to “manage” our neighbors, let’s use city council to facilitate solutions through greater citizen engagement and the use of online forums.

Fiscal Discipline

Our City budget has been growing at about 6% on average, while other cities are keeping their budgets flat, and while households and taxpayers are reducing their budgets.  Again, this is YOUR money.  It does not belong to city council members to spend frivolously.


The City Council should treat everyone equally. The permitting process is difficult, expensive and seemingly arbitrary. The council should take great care to appoint members to the commissions who are committed more to fairness than to their own opinion. Throwing up roadblocks to us improving our own property and, in turn, our neighborhoods is a shame. Special favors shouldn’t be granted for some and not others. Allocating $200,000 of your money to landscape city property in front of a council member’s house is unethical.


We live better when we are able to make the decisions best for us, such as choosing our own trash and recycling provider. Some only need pick up every other week. Some neighbors might want to share their trash receptacles.  You might find a better deal. The choice should be yours.

To volunteer or put up a lawn sign, contact Marianne at .

To donate:

4 thoughts on “Transparency * Fiscal Discipline * Fairness * Liberty

  1. Marianne,

    I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.

    Here are some “slogans” that occurred to me, if they would help:

    America before Party

    If your conscience is not on the ballot- Write it in!

    The GOP put out it’s call,
    In our tent there is room for all!
    The party convention
    Showed their true intention;
    Now it’s time to just Write in Ron Paul!

    Right on Defense
    Right on the Economy
    Write in Ron Paul!!

    Marianne, I firmly believe that it is not about one election. Consider this: If Romney loses by 15 points because the Ron Paul supporters write him in (counted or not), and Obama wins with 45% of the popular vote, that still sends the message that we MUST be considered. It means that we can sway elections. There is our leverage to turn America around.

    If we fall for the bogus argument that Obama will ruin us, and all fall in behind Romney- then we have given up this huge potential to influence politics far into the future. This is the year we can pound our marker into the ground and say “this far and no farther!”

    Hope this helps, if only to encourage you. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

    James D. Copley

  2. Where is the “DONATE” button? Let’s get you some funds to run the campaign on. Sadly, principles, ideas and a willingness to work hard campaigning is NOT enough.

    As for a tag line, how about the simple “Dedicated to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”?

  3. Well, she finally got a PayPal button set up. It’s about time. I’ve known Marianne for 15 years and have respected her for every minute of that time. She has been consistently pro-Liberty, on the issues, regardless of Party. I don’t live anywhere near Excelsior, but it’s a privilege to donate to a candidate who will serve her constituents faithfully. Good luck, Marianne.

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